Stelvio for Life 2015


Date August 29, 2015
Start registration October 1, 2014 – registrationform
Location Stelvio Pass, Bormio, Italy

Stelvio for Life Foundation is a foundation that has a passion for sports that raises funds for personalized cancer treatment in a fair way by organizing a hiking, running and cycling event.

Since 2012 the Stelvio for Life Foundation organises an annual hiking, running and cycling event to raise money for personlised cancer treatment. Every participant has to climb to the top of Passo dello Stelvio in Bormio, Italy. The climb is 21,1 km long and has an ascent of 1.533 mtrs. Every participant has to raise a minimum of € 1,- for every vertical meter (€ 1.533,- in total). The registrationfee is € 50,- wich will be used to orgnise the event. The funds raised by the participants will fully go to the research of personlized cancer treatment that is supported by the Barcode for Life Foundation.

Barcode for Life

Barcode for Life Foundation is a foundation that raises money for the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT). A center that provides basic, translational and applied medical examination in the field of cancer, with the aim to give Cancer patients individual ‘tailormade’ treatments (

The raised funds by the participants of Stelvio for Life will for 100% be made available to the Barcode for Life Foundation. The organizational costs of the Stelvio for Life will be paid from the money obtained from the business sponsors and the registrationfees of each individual participant. What is left will also be made ​​available to Barcode for Life Foundation.

The goal for the coming years is to make the event Stelvio for Life Foundation to grow to 653 members whom all raise funds for at least € 1.533,- . This will lead to a total of raised funds of € 1 million – for the foundation to thereby contribute to a personal and targeted treatment of cancer.

The Passo dello Stelvio

The sporting challenge is climbing the south side of the Stelvio, a famous mountain pass in Italy. The summit is at an altitude of 2,758 meters, and is reached after overcoming 1,533 vertical meters from the place of departure.

Always wanted to do a challenging sport and fundraising event where the returns 100% benefits personalized cancer treatment? Then enter the Stelvio for Life Foundation event in 2015 and sign up!

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